Briar String Quartet is a dynamic ensemble with classical roots and an immense passion for cross-genre collaboration. We believe everything sounds better with strings! A lush bed of double-tracked violins, or a perfectly crafted cello solo, will give your next project the extra edge and soul you’ve been looking for. Our musicians each have diverse backgrounds in improvisation, pop, jazz-fusion, folk-fiddle, arranging, songwriting, and singing. We cater for sessions of all kinds, from films to indie records, in studios or on location. Each session is tailored to suit the exact needs of your project, achieving the sound you envisage within the budget you have. Our style is flexible, personal and professional. 

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"Working with the Briar String Quartet is always an absolute pleasure, every project has had a personal touch with professional results! I couldn't recommend them enough!"

- Jordan Roberts (Producer)


This Is My Year (Live From Howler) | Woodes 2019
How Long I'd Wait (Live From Howler) | Woodes 2019
'missed nuance' ballet art film | Music by Troy Rogan 2019
Storming ft. Ben Dix | Rick Alexander 2019
Old Soul (Behind The Scenes) | Run Rabbit Run 2017
Someone Else's Life | Jess Newman 2017
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Woodes 'Interwoven' Show

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